SEO Starter Package

Our SEO success is directly related to the amount of work and attention we put into writing quality articles, creating deep and authoritative links, and building upon unique content. Depending on what keyword or keywords your company would like to rank better in, different approaches are needed.

What does your SEO Starter Package entail?

Our techniques use all 100% manual and non-automated processes. Our team of highly-educated SEO professionals will walk you through your options, SEO strategy, and estimate the success of your campaign. We prefer to meet in-person at least twice during the starter package to ensure that all concerns are properly addressed. This is why we only work with Chicagoland based clients.

Every SEO Starter Package campaign at eLite Chicago follows a similar flow;

  1. Research and locate keywords with highest opportunity.
  2. Optimize website and link-structure of the website for 4 products/categories.
  3. Write a press release and article with your 4 keywords.
  4. Submit and link articles to hundreds of authoritative websites.
  5. Track progress of 4 keywords and adopt to recent changes for 1 month.