SEO Services

SEO Services

A large percentage of our clients already have websites and are looking to improve their presence in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Our Chicago based SEO firm works closely with our clients to optimize their websites, find the most popular keywords, and effectively move up their websites in the rankings…no matter how popular the keyword is.

eLite Chicago SEO services has obtained first page position on over 230,000 keywords in just the last 3 years. We have even achieved the US #1 position for the most popular keywords online, including, “free movies” (with over 1.6 billion results and millions of searches each day). We can’t guarantee a certain position, but we guarantee that in just a few months with eLite Chicago SEO services your position in Google will increase substantially.

Many services claim they can achieve SEO results, but with the new Google algorithm updates, many services can now actually severely penalize your website. We keep an eye on all of Google’s new updates and rules and make sure that we abide by all of them. Each link or article we write for your website is written by hand, not by a bot or a script. Getting to the front-page often takes a tremendous amount of work and we are here ready to help you all along the way.

We increase your search result position with white-hat techniques such as;

  • Keyword and competitor research
  • Onsite content optimization
  • Internal link structure
  • Incorporating microdata on every page
  • High-quality article writing
  • Non-intrusive and manual link building
  • and many others

As mentioned before, SEO can not be done overnight and because of this we recommended all clients that haven’t had professional SEO services before to start with the starter package.

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Web Development

eLite Chicago prides itself in functional, elegant, and user-friendly web designs. We employ talented web developers, copywriters, and graphic designers that will take your considerations into account when designing your website. The best websites are those that employ their brand ethos into their design, and that’s exactly what we provide to all of our customers.

We’re not the only ones that notice our great web developments. eLite Chicago developed websites have been awarded multiple design awards. From the the 2010 Best Mommy Blog Design to the 2009 Best Educational Website (tied with, our designs are sure to delight both you and your clients alike!

All of our design packages include;

  • Custom images and design to reflect our client’s brand
  • Developed with future SEO and online marketing in mind
  • 24×7 support
  • Personal account manager
  • Results that you will be proud to show off


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Online Marketing

eLite Chicago also offers full-service online marketing. From National TV ads to advertisements on Facebook, the world of online marketing is much larger than many people believe. There are countless strategies and opportunities, but it’s nearly impossible to gauge which ones will be successful to your business.

That’s where eLite Chicago comes in.

With our experience, we can provide you in-depth online marketing consultations to help you choose the right strategy.

We recommend all businesses to focus an equal amount of attention to online marketing as they do with web design. However great a design may be, it can only help your business if potential customers view it. We can help you reach new customers through some of our proven and successful online marketing techniques, like;

  • Google Adwords PPC campaigns
  • Social Media PPC
  • National 30 second TV Commercials on Major Cable Networks like ESPN, HG&TV, or Discovery Channel for as little as a $100 a timeslot (no minimum required)
  • Corporate/business blog article writing
  • Mobile app creation
  • Social media PPC campaigns
  • Website optimization
  • Creating viral content and videos


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Social Media

The world of social media is ever-expanding. There is no short supply of social networks to choose from…in every industry.

With so many options, which social network works best for your company?

That’s a hard question to answer for even the most experienced web development professionals. Each social network has their advantages and disadvantages. Some networks have to be used at certain times to be successful, others have certain topics that interest them more. The only way to know how to successfully utilize any social network is to know the audience, and this only comes with experience.

Luckily, eLite Chicago has experience with dozens of the most important social networks. We’ve launched successful (and sometimes viral) campaigns on;

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Stumbleupon
  • and many many more.

We examine your business and make suggestions on how to shape your social media campaigns. We can even take over management of your online profiles so they get updated on a timely basis to encourage potential clients to subscribe to your updates.

Stop guessing on how to use social media and let eLite Chicago offer concrete suggestions on which social networks to use and when to use them. Take the guessing out of your marketing campaigns and start obtaining positive results from all your hard work!


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